The so-called Managed WordPress Hostings are basically normal hosters, but they are specialized in the operation of websites based on WordPress and permanently take care of the used software and make sure that no mischief happens on the server via restricted access rights. Therefore, their stack is fully aligned to WordPress and often thoroughly optimized by a lot of experience. So the employees (hopefully) know WordPress and its pitfalls well themselves and can help with load and page speed problems or the selection of the right plugin.

For whom is a real Managed WordPress hosting useful?

I would recommend a Managed WordPress hosting if you are not familiar with updates, security, backups or performance yourself, or if you don’t want to deal with it. I would also recommend Managed Hosting to anyone who creates websites for customers but does not want to host them themselves.

So in my opinion every SME who has a website based on WordPress is best off with a WP-Hoster. Even if you have a WooCommerce shop, or run a high traffic website with WordPress, a Managed WordPress hosting is worth considering!